Stripper Poles

stripper-poleThere are many options when it comes to buying stripper poles online, including removable stripper poles and portable stripper poles.  Spinning stripper poles and even stripper pole stages are available.  Finding a great deal when shopping to buy a stripper pole isn’t always easy, nor is every strip dancing pole made to the same standards.

Our stripper pole website lists the best stripper poles for pole dancing of any other website, since we don’t actually make or sell stripper dance poles ourselves we give unbiased opinions on where to buy a stripper pole, and which type of dancing poles are best suited to your needs before purchasing.

Buying Dancing Poles

Buy a stripper pole online because it is much cheaper than purchasing at a local adult store or dancing studio.  The reason for this is simple – there is no store rent to pay for and competition on the internet is much more intense.  Our website is the only website of it’s kind in that we give honest reviews of every single company that makes and sells stripper poles for dancing.

Before picking which stripper pole to purchase, it is important to think about where you are going to install it and how portable you need it to be.  It helps to decide if you are looking for a casual stripping pole looking to put on a show for a special someone, or if you are looking to learn pole dancing for fitness, or even dance in competitions.  The difference in quality and price between different types of stripper poles is significant, we have listed the major “types of stripper poles” below.

  • Portable Stripper Poles
  • Spinning Stripper Poles
  • Brass Stripper Poles
  • Light Up Stripper Poles
  • Removable Poles
  • Stripper Pole Stages

Portable and Removable Dance Poles

Portable stripper poles are great for people on the move, whether it be home parties or people that just want the ease of taking it down when not in use.  Some are completely free standing and others will attach in minimal time.   If you already have a pole and are looking to make it removable you can purchase a kit. Platinum stages offers a stand alone, very portable, 100 percent non-invasive pole.  It comes with a large rolling carrying case and will disassemble in 60 seconds.  To make sure you are getting the highest quality standards I suggest buying directly from the official sites.  There are many counterfeit poles being advertised around the internet! Safety standards should always be #1 in choosing pole!

Here is a list of reputable removable stripper poles:

  • Lil’ Mynx
  • Platinum Stages
  • X-Pole

Spinning Poles

Almost all companies selling poles offer static and spinning options.  Beginners are suggested to use stationary first and then move to spinning as their skills progress.  Many poles can be used as both and easily changed to static with a simple hardware piece.  From a fitness standpoint, static is suggested to be more of a workout because you are generating your own momentum.  Whatever pole you chose to purchase, make sure you know if the pole has the option to spin or be static and/or what hardware choices you have.

Brass Poles

I have been researching why people want brass versus stainless steel or another material, but to be honest I don’t know why!  My guess is that the “look” might be different- heavier gold.


Lighting is a great accessory that can make things even more fun!  Some poles are made with LED lights inside of it.  The cheaper alternative is to buy floor lighting.  You can get as fancy as you want, from one simple floor colored light to ceiling-mount rotating multi-colored disco balls.  On average prices can vary from $50-$150.  It adds a whole new dimension to the performance.

Portable Stages

One company, PlatinumStages, sells an expensive stripper pole that has a portable stage attached to it, this is great for performers who want to take it to shows and can be used without attaching to a ceiling. Recently one of these dancing poles with a stage was used outside at the pool at the Las Vegas Palms Casino.

Pole Dancing Pole Installation And Care

Here is a list of tools you may need to install your pole:

  • Stud Finder
  • Tape Measurer
  • Drill
  • Ladder
  • Safety Glasses
  • Level
  • Screw Driver

Poles can be installed anywhere in your home as long you have enough room to swing around.  Extensions can be bought for higher ceilings, but in general poles will fit 7.5’ to 9.5’ ceilings.  You can even mount a pole on a vaulted ceiling with special adapter.  Make sure your installation is correct and check the hardware often to make sure nothing is coming loose.  Failure of this can result in injury.

Cleanliness of your pole is an important part of pole maintenance.  You always want your pole to be sanitary especially when there are multiple people using it.  A cleaning towel should be on hand to remove immediate things such as sweat.

Dancing poles are popping up everywhere!  You can have one in your home, office, frat houses, clubs, even in your ski boat.  Lil’ Mynx offers a removable stainless steal custom cut pole to fit your boat.  Lil’ Mynx, known for its safety and reliability, claims this pole is stable at speed.